The NoSnorePLUS™ nasal insert is a Class I medical device for repeated use.
Manufactured from colourless material recommended for production of medical devices. Specially designed for sensitive nostrils.

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The NoSnorePLUS™ nasal insert makes breathing easier and is recommended for persons who:


suffer from a deviated nasal septum, colds, or hay fever

exercise (for fast walks and extensive effort)


The NoSnorePLUS™ insert is soft, delicate, comfortable to use and can be used discreetly:

relieves nasal congestion
reduces snoring
makes breathing easier
ensures a good night’s sleep

The insert opens the nostrils slightly, making breathing through the nose easier and thus preventing or considerably reducing snoring:

  • fits well in the nostrils,
  • adheres tightly,
  • stays in place all night,
  • causes no irritation or pinching.

The NoSnorePLUS™ insert also helps to maintain oral hygiene, as it eliminates a constant dry feeling in the mouth and bad breath in the morning caused by obstructed breathing through the nose.

Directions for use:

Before sleep, place the NoSnorePLUS™ insert in cleared nostrils.
Before each use, wash the insert thoroughly in warm soapy water and dry.
Replace the insert with a new one after using it for one month, or earlier if the insert gets damaged.


The NoSnorePLUS™ nasal insert should be used by adults only. Never use the insert if it has broken in two as a result of wear. Keep away from children.


Do not use inserts in the case of nosebleeds or injuries to the nose.

Available packages:

a package containing 3 inserts, size M (medium) and 1 insert, size XL (extra large) in foil packaging, plus a leaflet.
a package containing 3 inserts, size XL (extra large) and 1 insert, size M (medium) in foil packaging, plus a leaflet.


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